My Story

As a first generation Mexican-American, my parents have been my motivators and supporters throughout my life. They migrated to this country in search of the "American Dream." They dedicated their lives to our family so that our lives would be better than theirs one day. My parents have raised me to believe in the saying, "La Union Hace La Fuerza" (with unity, it creates force). Since then, I always believed that if we all gather and unite we can make a difference.

Moreover, I always dreamt of giving back to community but wasn't sure how. I  always had love for candles since I was young, as they seem to provide a peaceful ambiance for me when it comes to school, work, or any stressful event. One day, I walked into Walmart running some errands and ended up in the candle isle. As I was looking around the scents, I asked myself why isn't there anything catching my attention? Why aren't there any Mexican scents? At that moment it occurred to me that maybe this was what I wanted to start doing, become a candle maker. Part of the profit that is being made will go to a selected charity or organization. Aiming more towards first generation students. I am excited and honored to start this new project. I look forward to you all to try these candles that I made with time, energy, and dedication. Thank you all and lets light up some cultura!